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To meet the increasing demands for product customization and delivery compliance, our global network of facilities and value-added services which helps our customers to leave their foot prints globally with easiness.

Government Incentive Schemes / Registrations

To promote export from India, Government of India benefits exporters by incentive schemes like ROSL, DBK, MEIS etc…We at Lothal International help our customers to obtain & aware from this type of incentives as well we can help our customers to make them able to obtain DBK benefits as well MEIS benefits for their export shipments.

We at Lothal International Always aims to help our customers in following streams as additional services than shipments.

  • Solving Drawback queries from Customs System
  • Preparing / Discounting / Utilizing MEIS script
  • IEC Generation / Phyto / FASSAI Registration
  • Advance / EPCG License Issuance or registration


At Lothal, we assist our customers & help them to be secure against those risks, with either Open (or annual) or single (or one off) cargo insurance policies. Not all cargo policies are the same, and it is important to ensure that the right cover is negotiated for the particular circumstances. Our discovery questions will reveal the type types of cargo being shipped, the values and destination(s). With this information, Logical can tailor cargo policies accordingly.


Warehousing is a key component of logistics management and how businesses manage the transportation and storage of their inventories. Warehousing and logistics must be aligned within a firm to have the most efficient effect on overall manufacturing production,

Though the principles of warehousing have not changed much over the years, warehousing solutions have evolved a lot. With new technologies, Lothal helps its customer to store & distribute its cargo as per customers requirement to fulfil business demands every time whenever required.

Benefits of Warehousing

Inventory Control: A warehouse helps manage a large amount of inventory for a business. It assists in matching the supply with the demand of a rapidly changing environment.

Centralization Of Goods: Since all the goods are stored in a central location, it becomes easier to receive, store and distribute the products. Thus reducing the transportation costs of a business. The warehouse personnel are responsible to identify, sort and dispatch the goods as soon as the shipment arrives.

Value Adding Operation: The warehousing system helps in increasing the utility value of the goods, as the products are available at the right place at the right time. Various other operations such as order consolidation, order assembly, mixing of the product, cross-docking etc. take place under one building, thus adding value to the overall logistics systems.

Economic Benefit: Through efficient operations, a warehouse offers a wide range of economic benefits to the businesses. Various costs including outbound delivery costs, shipping costs, transportation costs etc. are cut down. The accumulation of the goods allows a warehouse to act as a buffer and keep a balance between the demand and supply of the goods. This helps increase the profit of a business in a number of ways.

Social Benefit: A warehouse also serves a wide range of social benefits to the clients, it helps them keep a safety stocking for the time of emergency, such as delay in the transportation and shipment having defective goods etc.

Cross-docking: It is a process of moving the goods directly from receiving the shipping with little or no inventory. It is a way to move the products more efficiently and effectively.


The world best materials in the world will be worthless if they are not able to reach their destination and not only reaching their respective location is sufficient, but they must also be reached without getting damaged. And to ensure, that your products are safe in their journey, packaging of the goods play a vital role.

Lothal can arrange to pack the material as per customer requirement, also our team is always ready to share the most cost-effective packaging solution to the customer from its experience. Packing of Pallets, Wooden boxes, Wooden crates, Bubble wrap, Carton packing can be managed on behalf of customer.


Your cargo rides on paper, and Lothl International Understands it very well, That’s why our team is actively engaged with the customer for pre as well post documentation preparation to smooth execution of their shipment.

From preparing invoice & packing lists to check on BL as well after sailing any additional certificates like Certificate of Origin, REX etc is also assisted by the team. Moreover Phyto, Fumigation, APEDA, FASSAI, Survey reports etc..are guided to valuable customers as per their requirements.

Nominated Shipment Services

All service related to nomination business from or to India can be handled by Lothal International. We are very well capable to cater shipper/Consignee requirement from documentation to clearance & forwarding. The Team of young professionals is 24×7 available to tackle the business requirements by quick communication & understanding the need of customer.

Lothal provides the most cost-effective & suitable way to execute the valuable goods of customer. A positive Reputation with all shipping agencies, IATA agents & customs brokers helps to move the materials easily.

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